• Alkitronic EA Battery Powered Torque Multiplier

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Alkitronic EA Battery Powered Torque Multiplier

manufacturer's model #: EA
model: Alkitronic EA

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You’d like to tighten bolts precisely with state-of-the-art technology even without steady power supply? Use our new battery powered torque multiplier, the alkitronic EA. Work flexibly wherever you are and choose from torques between 90 and 4,000 Nm (65 to 2,950 lbf ft). During development, we aimed to equip the torque multiplier with supreme performance: Two 18V 5,2 Ah Lithium-Ion battery packs ensure up to 360 screw joints in a row at maximum load*. The innovative brushless synchronous motor reliably attains the exact shut-off torque even at low battery levels.

With two gears and a great range of preset torques the alkitronic EA achieves mobility, flexibility and efficiency while working. The fast gear for run down provides short fastening cycles, the power gear stands for highest torques and precision.

Due to its compact design, the torque multiplier can be handled comfortably even in limited space. Furthermore, it impresses by its low running costs: The low-wear brushless synchronous motor is maintenance free. On top of that, thealkitronic EA is more than just user-friendly: Its low weight and ergonomic design preserve your health. As noise emissions are very low, additional measures for occupational safety are redundant

Features and Benefits
EA2 / 80 EA2 / 150 EA2 / 200 EA2 / 280 EA2 / 300 EA2 / 400
Torque min. (Nm) 115 150 250 300 360 500
Torque max. (Nm) 860 1400 2200 2800 3200 4100
Torque min. (lbf ft) 85 110 185 220 265 370
Torque max. (lbf ft) 635 1030 1620 2065 2360 3025


  • alkitronic EA: Battery driven 2-speed torque multiplier for torques from 90 Nm to 4,000 Nm (65 to 2,950 lbf ft).
  • Short screwing cycles: fast gear for run down and power gear for highest torques and precision.
  • Mobile and always ready for use: compact design for convenient working in limited spaces or without power supply.
  • Efficient operation: Fast and easy gear-changing, great torque range – you can choose from 22 torque values.
  • Low running costs: The low-wear brushless synchronous motor is maintenance free.
  • Health-preserving: low weight, ergonomically designed, low noise emissions. No noise protection necessary.
  • High performance: Two 18V 5,2lithium-ion battery packs ensure up to 360 screw joints in a row. Each battery features a LED charge level indicator.
  • Precision even at low battery levels: Its brushless synchronous motor ensures correct torque levels even if the strong battery runs out of power.