• Kingsway KWP1 Surface Temperature Probe


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Kingsway KWP1 Surface Temperature Probe

manufacturer's model #: KWP1
model: KWP1

Kingsway Instruments Industrial Surface Tempertature Probe (KWP1) has been designed to perform in the most demanding applications.

Features and Benefits

The KWP1 features:

·      K-Type T/C Ribbon surface probe tip for fast, accurate temperature measurement on both curved and flat surfaces

·      45 Degree bend allows for more natural, comfortable measurements in all applications.

·      Coiled T/C lead wire keeps the wire out of harms way and still allows the probe and meter to be 5 feet (1.5m) apart at full extension

·      Reinforced industry standard “Mini” connector for long life and use with most all temperature meters.

·      Excellent strain relief on probe wire connection for years of service.

·      Comes complete with a new, 1 year, NIST traceable calibration certificate from Kingsway Instruments Cal-Lab at no charge.


Type: K (Chromel vs Alumel)

Measurement Range: -127 °C to 600 °C (-196.6 °F to 1112 °F)

Junction Accuracy:

-127 °C to 0 °C ±4.4 °C (-196.6 °F to 32 °F ± 7.92 °F)

0 °C to 183 °C ±2.2 °C (32 °F to 361 °F ±4.86 °F)

183 °C to 600 °C ±1.2 % of reading in °C (361 °F to 1112 °F ±1.2 % of reading in °F)