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Service, Speed and Dependability
For Us, It's the ONLY Way.

Kingsway Instruments began in 1969 as a specialist in the repair and calibration of aircraft panel instrumentation and an accredited supplier of Transport Canada. Through its expertise in aviation, Kingsway built a reputation for providing calibration services to among the world's tightest industry standards.

Kingsway expanded its services, becoming a distribution channel for a vast range of products including panel meters, CTs, PTs, multimeters, transducers, protection relays, insulation testers and more. In February of 2001, current owners Al and Anita Brown took the company's helm and began to carefully build on its renowned expertise.

With the mission of providing the industry's absolute best customer service and quickest turnarounds, Kingsway invested heavily in acquiring the finest calibration equipment, software and personnel available, while perfecting the process and management systems that would become cornerstones of the company's legendary reliability.

Today, Kingsway Instruments offers thousands of top-of-the-line products through its online store, and is the supplier of choice to many of industry's most demanding customers.