Instrument Calibration

KINGSWAY INSTRUMENTS is Canada's most trusted calibration provider
for performance and reliability.

Kingsway Instruments provides calibration for an impressive array of disciplines and instruments employing the most up-to-date multifunction calibrators and metrology software on the market today. We’re the single, proven-reliable company that can fulfill nearly all your calibration requirements.

Our repair services are designed to get your equipment repaired and back working for you as quickly as possible, at the best possible price. We know you depend on your equipment to make a living, and repairs are sometimes a necessary part of ownership. At Kingsway Instruments we work hard to minimize the operational impact to you and your business.

Unlike most competitors, calibration data is provided with all our certifications at no extra charge, including As-Found/As-Left results. We take exceptional pride in the high quality of workmanship and technical expertise we’re known for at Kingsway. 

Our service technicians leverage over a century of collective experience: there is virtually nothing we haven’t tackled, no challenge we cannot overcome for our customers.
The performance and accuracy of any test equipment gradually degrades over time. Dirt, moisture, temperature, and physical impacts affect the way a measuring device works. Accurate calibration is crucial for consistently accurate readings. Regular calibration and maintenance reduce the risk and unexpected costs that can result from even marginally incorrect readings.

Kingsway Instruments set the 2 to 3 day turnaround standard others in the industry chase to match—most take 2 to 3 weeks!
Even speedier rush service is available upon request.

Industry’s BEST Turnaround Times with competitive pricing
Repair Services available with over 100 Years of Experience
ISO 9001 certified with NIST Traceability
We send Calibration Reminders and store certification data


We offer the industry's fastest turnarounds — bar none — on electrical test instrument calibration and repair. And we've done it best for over 50 years : Kingsway Instruments’ exacting standards will get your electrical test equipment to peak accuracy and performance for wherever your work takes you.

As an Authorized Distributor for Fluke, Megger, and other industrial brands, our knowledgeable service team is here to support all your calibration and repair needs. Our technicians leverage over 100 years of combined technical experience utilizing the industry's most advanced metrology software with documented calibration procedures.


You rely on your field tools — and your professional reputation depends on their accuracy. At Kingsway Instruments, we calibrate dimensional measurement instruments to the industry’s most exacting tolerances. So you’ll have confidence your measurements are even more reliable than you need them to be.

Kingsway is a proud distributor of Mitutoyo's industry-leading precision measurement tools. Our factory trained technicians have been certified by the Mitutoyo Institute of Metrology in Aurora, IL to ensure fundamental understanding and proficiency in the calibration and repair of precision measurement tools.

We embody Mitutoyo's motto "Precision is our Profession".


Humidity testing is vital to our clients in oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing industries. At Kingsway Instruments we utilize a high-accuracy humidity generator to ensure the most accurate, reliable calibration results.

Trust the Kingsway team to provide calibration of dew point meters, humidity meters and moisture meters by Vaisala, Fluke, Amprobe, Defelsko and other industrial brands, with our industry-leading NIST Traceable precision.


At Kingsway Instruments we expertly calibrate and repair a wide array of pressure instruments for measuring gauge, absolute, vacuum, differential, and barometric pressure. With four state-of-the-art Fluke Pressure Calibration systems our capabilities range from low pressure resolution of 0.0001 inH20 all the way up to 60,000 PSI.

As Canada's Most Trusted Crystal Store, we offer the largest Canadian inventory of Crystal pressure products and provide Sales, Service, Rentals, and Calibration of digital pressure gauges, calibrators, and recorders.


Based in Edmonton since 1969, the Kingsway team knows a thing or two about temperature extremes. Readiness for heat or cold can be the difference between a successful outcome and reputation damage control. Kingsway Instruments services mission-critical temperature testing equipment including RTD/TC calibrators, dry block calibrators, thermal imagers, IR thermometers and more -- all with the industry's best turnaround time and pricing!

Our team includes certified Level 1 Thermographers to assist with any application and an extensive rental inventory of entry-level and advanced Thermal Imagers. We’re the single, proven-reliable company that can fulfill all your Sales, Service, Rentals, and Calibration.

Air Velocity

In order to accurately measure and record environmental measurements, air velocity test equipment needs regular and precise calibration. Kingsway Instruments offers one of Canada's only air velocity calibration labs in the country. We get you back to work quickest, with your air velocity test tools Kingsway Precise and Kingsway Clean.

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